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Quality Garden Maintenance Services

We provide a customised garden maintenance service which enables you to decide the areas that you’d like looking after, whether that is simply having the lawn cut, to getting the whole garden maintained.

With our help, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden again. We will tackle overgrown gardens to get them back to a controllable state, bag it up and take it away.


What we do?

Crown Reduction

We will reduce the entire crown for aesthetics or management of the tree.

Crown Lift

We will take the lower branches off from ground level upwards to allow in more light or potentially lift over properties and highways.

Crown Thin

We will remove the smaller secondary branches inside the canopy. This type of thinning allows more light to filter through the canopy and doesn’t change the overall look and feel of the tree if undertaken professionally and appropriately.

Crown Clean

We will conduct a crown clean, we remove the deadwood including any damaged branches. This altogether makes the tree much safer for people and surrounding property.